About Me

I have been interested in all things art and design for as long as I can remember and have always made regular visits to museums and art galleries. As most of my attention at school was based around art and textiles, I decided I wanted to involve these in my future career choices.

I chose to major in art and design in college and my course let me try out a range of subject areas. This led me to focus on what I found more interesting and to concentrate on something that I loved and enjoyed doing.

Textiles as a subject can be very diverse and I could experiment with my work in many different ways. I discovered that textiles are what I felt most comfortable with and I enjoyed the playfulness of this medium. By choosing textiles to study at University, I enjoyed incorporating all of the skills I had previously learnt and combining them into my pieces.

The Birmingham Museum Waterhall Gallery exhibition "Art of the stitch" (mid 2008) was a pivotal moment for me in deciding what I wanted to achieve with my work. It was one of the major factors for me wanting to focus on textiles and embroidery in the future. I liked the idea of combining art and textiles, to make visually interesting sewn works of art.

Another passion of mine is photography. I have always loved taking photographs and enjoy digitally manipulating them. I may post some images in my blog occasionally!

I love making visually interesting things whether it is digital, fabric or a created structure, and experimenting with unusual materials and textures. I think it is important to integrate various aspects with one another when creating work.

Other interests of mine include up-cycling objects to incorporate into my work using materials such as metal and plastics, making my own jewellery and editing and reworking my own clothes.